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Raffi Khorchidian

Professional Overview


Business Development


Corporate M&A

Raffi Khorchidian is a successful entrepreneur who has amassed over 30 years experience in start-up business venture development, finance, and corporate mergers and acquisitions. He manages a broad portfolio of private equity investments and has helped numerous entrepreneurs access capital through creative deal structuring.

With a passion for developing and integrating innovative technologies at the convergence of mobility, computing, and communications, Khorchidian has successfully helped build a variety of businesses that address the real needs of both enterprises and consumers.

He brings with him a unique balance of technical, operations, and strategic business development experience, spanning a wide-range of fields that includes virtual/augmented reality, wearables, cloud computing, mobility, enterprise software, IoT, and networking domains. With an unrivaled ability to understand and communicate with both business and technical professionals, Khorchidian serves as an effective bridge between both sides of an enterprise and ensures the best possible path to success.

Specializing in projections, market analysis, forecasting, research and development, Khorchidian offers sound advice on strategic matters concerning mergers and acquisitions and helps guide companies into the public marketplace. Furthermore, he has developed strong investment banking relationships that extend from North America, Europe & Middle East through offices based in Toronto, London, Paris, Dubai, Moscow, and Zurich, Switzerland. These connections allow Khorchidian to unlock capital for businesses operating all over the world.

Raffi Khorchidian has guided multiple seed-stage companies to success with full operational and technical involvement, covering team building on an international scale, as well as strategy, product design and roadmaps, alliances, GTM, offshore-development, and much more. As a corporate board member, Khorchidian also brings successful turn-around and executive consulting experience to the table.

Khorchidian has a deep rooted understanding of operations development — from the ground up —  that results in practical business solutions. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done. His no-nonsense, “hands on” approach to business is combined with an overwhelming desire to obtain superior performance from any specific business dynamic. Khorchidian’s diverse skillset and experience allows him to apply situation-specific innovation and make changes quickly when performance is not forthcoming.

Raffi Khorchidian has also engaged in a variety of special situation and local projects spanning biotech, restaurant and hospitality development, wineries, real estate development, and corporate project development.

His concentration in corporate project development has been primarily based on mineral resource exploration, specifically precious metals (gold, silver, and pgm) and industrial elements (copper, zinc, uranium). However, he has years of experience in oil and gas exploration and project development as well.


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