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Success can be chalked up to an almost countless list of variables, ranging from high productivity to an enduring can-do attitude. No matter how or where you find success, however, you cannot hope to do so without first adopting a crucial set of qualities that will spur you to achieve your goals.


Here are five qualities to adopt to achieve success in your field.



Being close-minded will probably not get you far in your professional endeavors, regardless of your field. Keep yourself open to new ideas, philosophies, and paradigms pertaining to your position in order to remain a leg up on the competition. This approach means being a continuous learner and realizing that you will likely never become an end-all/be-all beacon of knowledge. The best workers and the best leaders are those individuals who are able to express humility in this regard, all while applying new lessons to better their own abilities.



Ambition comes with the territory in most success scenarios; it is essentially synonymous with the drive necessary to reach accomplishment of any kind. Do not limit yourself based on past experiences or your current set of skills — most lofty goals are more attainable than you may realize. By remaining constantly ambitious, you will by default keep yourself from becoming satisfied with any amount of success, pushing yourself to the absolute top of your game.



In order to be successful, you must almost always exhibit constant responsibility. Take accountability for your actions and decisions, accepting both success and failure with the same amount of self-awareness required to learn from the experience and move forward. This notion is especially true if you hold a leadership role; this position will be contingent on your ability to be responsible, and it will set a great example for those who look up to you.



Going off the previous section, consistent optimism is key in any pursuit for success. Self-degradation and pessimism will only stunt your growth and hold you back from actually making progress toward your goals. Setbacks and disappointments are almost always going to occur, but your ability to move onward will ultimately distinguish you from your competitors.



An branch-off of responsibility, preparedness will go a long way in terms of your overall success. In the early stages of your professional role, you will likely experience moments where you feel blindsided, taken off guard, or pushed outside your comfort zone. These experiences may be uncomfortable at the time, but make sure you keep a strong mental record of how you dealt with them, as this knowledge will make you more prepared for next time. In the end, forge your professional identity to be fluid, unflappable, and calm in any scenario. This demeanor may not directly contribute to success off the bat, but it will make the process much easier.