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The road to effective and successful entrepreneurship can be long and treacherous. In order to survive in your market of choice, you must fight to adapt to a likely ever-changing industry by keeping yourself grounded in audience demands, corporate trends, and above all else, technological advances.

Speaking to the latter, there are now a variety of tools aiding entrepreneurs of all experience levels. If you are still a fledgling business owner or concept mastermind, it is imperative to leverage these types of resources in your pursuit of success and international regard.

Here are a few of the best tools for entrepreneurs.


Google Drive

Countless industries and workplaces have made the shift into virtual connectivity, and Google Drive stands as one of the strongest and most accessible office suite resources on the market. Most people are already aware of this tool’s capabilities, but if you are still uninitiated, know that it streamlines interoffice communication, file sharing and converting, and workplace collaboration in a manner that is easy to absorb. It would implore you to at least consider Drive as a potential tool for your new product or service.



AngelList has emerged as a great social media outlet in terms of seeking and building funding. The site facilitates corporate connections by pairing established and emerging business owners with investors, customers, and partners. There may be a variety of ways to seek such funding opportunities, but AngelList makes the process incredibly easy.



To survive in today’s entrepreneurial market, you must establish some type of web presence. Wix is one of the most user-friendly resources aimed at website creation, providing users a cost-friendly alternative to drawn-out web development. The site’s website builder is simple to use and provides a variety of templates to give users an aesthetic foundation from the start.



Once initial business partnerships have been established, it is time to sign the necessary documents to put your plans in motion. However, it can be hard to facilitate these interactions if your potential partners are located in a faraway location — and that is where HelloSign can come in. The service allows users to sign legally binding documents electronically, giving them the capability to then share the signed documents with their originators to complete transactions or plan finalizations.



Time management is a virtue in nearly any business situation, and as a fledgling entrepreneur, you will want to make sure your work days are as organized as possible. Due can make this process easier for you by providing online estimate, invoice, and payment information while simplifying time management with a tracking tool.