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The numerous benefits of reading are well documented, and most of those benefits don’t even take into account the sole purpose for reading: learning something new. The following list of must-reads will give you insight into the business world and what it takes to climb to the top of your industry.

Think and Grow Rich

This book is on pretty much every list of finance books you must read, and for good reason. Author Napoleon Hill released the book in 1937 after researching over 500 millionaires. The book delves into the psyche of the people who built their own fortunes to help you get on the right mental path to success.

The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America

Warren Buffett is one of the most successful businessmen in American history, and he’s usually pretty tight-lipped about his current investments. This book compiles letters he wrote to shareholders to display the techniques Buffett used as an investor.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is a great comparison of the lessons rich fathers and middle class fathers hand down to their children. Author Robert Kiyosaki drives home the idea that rich parents will often urge their children to make their money by having others work for them to make money while middle class parents advise their children to work hard themselves for their money.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

This book on entrepreneurship is written by Ben Horowitz, who happens to be a successful entrepreneur and VC himself. Horowitz really drives home the fact that it is extremely difficult to become a successful entrepreneur. He uses his own successes and failures to provide insight and wisdom into the world entrepreneurship.

The Effective Executive

Anyone who is new to management or who is seeking a future in management should follow what Peter Drucker has to say in this book packed full of quality advice. There are plenty of lessons to be learned, and a number of successful CEOs have cited this book as influential to their careers.

Tools of Titans

Tim Ferriss conducted hundreds of interviews with successful people across different industries over the past few years on his podcast, “The Tim Ferriss Show.” Ferriss compiled the best advice from those interviews into this motivational and informative book about success in all walks of life.

The Automatic Millionaire

David Bach knows a thing or two about money since he became a self-made millionaire who is also a financial advisor. Bach highlights common misconceptions that most people have about money, and he gives tips on how to accumulate wealth.

There are plenty of people out there who are extremely successful in the business world, and it only makes sense to use their advice for your own benefit. These books will help you get in the right mindset to start down the path to success.