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The entrepreneurial spirit of young people is something that can be admired by anyone who has been in their shoes. By remembering what it was like to be a budding entrepreneur, one can also remember all of the hardships that go along with starting a new business. The following traits are some things I believe all young people should possess or develop in order to be successful in the cutthroat business world.

Be Passionate About your Product

If you are not passionate about the industry you are in, product you are developing, or business you are building, then eventually you WILL burn out and all of your hard work will fall by the wayside. By possessing an undying passion for what you are working towards, you will be able to constantly challenge yourself and push yourself to the limits of what you believed was possible. The great part about being an entrepreneur is the fact that you can choose any industry to be a part of, so go where your heart is and let your passion pour over into your work.

Use Criticism to your Advantage

By being open minded, you are able to see things from other perspectives and angles. There may be a time when you are at a crossroads, and if you don’t let people in to make suggestions, you may never find the right answer to your problem. The ability to take criticism, good or bad, will help you in your professional and personal life for years to come.

Network with Anyone and Everyone

You’ll never know where you could meet your next investor, partner, or employee. The ability to network and meet new people is what many great entrepreneurs built their businesses on. Networking is more than shaking a few hands and making small talk when you’re an entrepreneur. You should have a plan going into each networking opportunity so that you do not end up talking to the wrong people or get caught up in conversations that you know will not help grow your business. Don’t be afraid to crash and burn through awkward conversations on your way to meeting your next client, but also know when it is time to politely end a conversation that is going nowhere.

Constantly be Learning

Many young entrepreneurs get to a point in their career where they may think they know more than they actually do. The ability to learn is important, but actually wanting to learn is what will separate you from the rest of your industry. Keeping that desire to learn will also make you a more well-rounded person outside of your business.


There’s no way around it, starting a business is hard work. No matter how prepared you think you may be, there will be hardships along the road that you are not prepared for. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world did not just wake up one day as the head of Fortune 500 companies with millions of dollars in their bank accounts. It takes a lot of picking yourself up off the ground and grinding every day to see the kind of success that most entrepreneurs dream of. Some say that good things happen to good people. While that may be true, I’m also a believer that good things happen to the people who work the hardest for what they want.

Entrepreneurship is one of the hardest careers for a number of reasons, but at the same time it os one of the most rewarding. There comes a point in every successful entrepreneur’s life when they look at the work they’ve done and can be proud of what they have accomplished, and I believe all of those people possess the previously mentioned traits.